Healthy Smile Dental Hygiene Clinics offers dental hygiene services, such as,  teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, gum therapy and much more. Focusing on preventative oral care for healthy teeth and gums, Healthy Smile dental hygienists work hand-in-hand with other dental professionals, always providing you with the best quality care possible. 

There are no out-of-pocket fees for students covered by their campus extended dental plan.  Should you request a service not covered by insurance (whitening for example), we'll discuss the fees in advance.

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Dental Hygiene Services

A healthy smile is a happy smile!

  • oral hygiene exams

  • oral cancer screening

  • deposit removal

  • stain removal

  • treatment of gum disease

  • oral hygiene instruction

  • desensitizing treatments

  • remineralizing treatments

  • antibacterial treatments

  • preventive sealants

  • cavity prevention

  • bad breath treatments

  • nutrition counseling

  • smoking cessation counseling

  • teeth whitening

  • sports guards/mouth protectors

  • pain/sensitivity control using non-injectable options


Dental Services

Dr. Gloria Cartagena is an experienced dentist who helps Healthy Smile clients treat their dental issues, such as cavities, root canals, and crowns as well as referring clients to other health professionals based on their needs.

For more information about Dr. Cartagena's availabilities, please contact us at 778-245-3820.