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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the services at Healthy Smile Dental Hygiene Clinics free?
    No, the services at Healthy Smile are not free. However, when students use their dental plans to pay for their appointments, we offer up to 20% discount on their dental plan co-pays. Therefore, students can say goodbye to out-of-pocket expenses for most dental hygiene services. For any lingering questions, our friendly team is just a call away at 778-248-3820. Experience the joy of a Healthy Smile now!
  • What is Healthy Smile Dental Hygiene cancellation policy?
    "When you book your appointment with us, we reserve the spot exclusively for you. Therefore, if you decide to cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before the scheduled time or fail to show up, your dental hygienist will not be paid for that one hour. To ensure fairness to our dental hygienists, we charge a $50 fee for any client who cancels on short notice or misses their appointment."
  • Can I book a teeth cleaning appointment without a dental plan?
    "Yes, however, since you don't have a dental plan that covers 80% of the appointment fees, you will be required to pay 80% of the total service fees."
  • Can book at any clinics' locations or I have to book at my original campus?
    "To make the services more accessible for all students, you can book your appointment at any location, regardless of your original campus."
  • How often I can use my student dental plan?
    "Most student dental plans cover one teeth cleaning session per school year. To ensure your eligibility, you can book your appointment online, and we will verify your coverage and inform you accordingly. If you need to cancel due to ineligibility for the services, we do not charge for short notice cancellations."
  • How long is the appointment?
    "Usually, the appointment is one hour; however, in some cases, it may require a longer appointment or multiple appointments. Charges for dental hygiene services are based on the time needed to complete the work. Therefore, longer appointment durations or additional appointments to complete the services will result in an increased total fee."
  • Is teeth cleaning painfull?
    "At Healthy Smile, the most important job of your dental hygienist is to ensure your comfort. Therefore, if you experience any discomfort during your appointment, please make your hygienist aware of it."
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