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Healthy Smile Dental Hygiene Inc.

Why Healthy Smile?

Healthy Smile has been providing dental hygiene services for postsecondary students in BC since 2010.

We accept all dental provider plans.

Healthy Smile provides dental hygiene services at all campuses or at your door steps with our fully equipped mobile clinic. 

Female Student


Students can book appointments at any campuses in the lower mainland regardless of their original school.

To save time, students can request our mobile clinic to go to their door steps with no extra charges.

At Healthy Smile clinics, we do direct insurance billing, so students don't need to pay upfront.

The Time


With so many locations and times to choose from, students can find the best available time that matches their class or work schedules.

Students can easily book their appointments by texting, emailing, calling or using our website.


No Co-Payment

Healthy Smile offers students with a students' dental plan up to a 20% discount, which could mean students don't need to pay any out of pocket money.

We check students' coverage to make sure students' dental plans are active and they are fully covered.


Welcome to Healthy Smile! For busy college students who want a healthy, beautiful smile, Healthy Smile is a convenient dental service that provides complete dental care right on campus.  Whether you need a simple teeth cleaning,  a dental exam or emergency dental care,  we can help! Healthy Smile clinics are conveniently located on BC college campuses to serve students and staff.  We also have a mobile dental clinic and are looking for partners to expand our service to reach dental patients with mobility issues, businesses who want to provide dental care for their employees, and other opportunities.


Are You Interested in Our Services?

Need a teeth cleaning to keep your smile shining bright? Whether you need whitening, an oral hygiene exam or want a dental referral, we've got you covered.

Check out our full list of services down below